The Metabolic Typing® Test offered by Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisors is the most specific test you can take to determine your Metabolic Type®.

The HealthExcel System of Metabolic Typing® analyzes 11 Fundamental Homeostatic Controls (FHC) to determine and define one's Metabolic Type®. These FHCs are:

1. Autonomic Nervous System (NeuroEndocrine-Sympathetic/Balanced/Parasympathetic)
2. CarboOxidative (Fast/Slow/Mixed Oxidation)
3. Steroidal Hormone Balance (Pregnenolone/DHEA/Androgens/Estrogens/Progesterone/Cortisol)
4. Neurotransmitter Balance (Excitatory/Inhibitory)
5. LipoOxidative (Anabolic/Catabolic)
6. Electrolyte (Stress/Insufficiency)
7. Acid/Alkaline (6 different kinds of imbalances)
8. Endocrine Type
9. Blood Type
10. Constitutional Type
11. Prostaglandin Balance

There are 3 Metabolic Typing® program levels available on my web site, and this program is considered Level 1. The Metabolic Typing® Program (Level 2) and the Comprehensive Metabolic Typing® Program (Level 3) each include the Metabolic Typing® Test plus additional services.

The Metabolic Typing® Test is the most accurate method of determining Metabolic Types® available in the world today. It is the result of an evolutionary process spanning nearly 30 years and is based on the input of thousands of practitioners around the world and hundreds of thousands of users.

This online test contains a series of questions about physical traits, diet-related traits, and psychological traits that will identify your dominance and sub-dominance as well as your endocrine type. There are 9 possible Metabolic Type® combinations involving the pairing of the Autonomic and Oxidative systems. Within each type one Fundamental Homeostatic Control will be dominant and dictates how nutrients behave in your body.

Knowing your dominance and sub-dominance will guide you in choosing the best foods for your type. The endocrine system plays a role in shaping external physical features and therefore should be considered as you select the best foods for you from the approved food list. Consulting with your Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisor will help you fine-tune your meals for optimal health.

If you do not have access to a computer, the test can be mailed to you and returned to me for data entry.

Services with the Metabolic Typing® Test include:

  • The most specific, up to date color coded diet plan that Metabolic Typing® has for each type, which clearly shows which foods are ideal, neutral, least desirable, and to be avoided for your particular Metabolic Type®,
  • 40 additional documents covering lifestyle recommendations,
  • Individual supplement recommendations,
  • The article "Using Your Diet Plan",
  • Many more documents on how to integrate the Metabolic Typing® lifestyle into your own,
  • Sample menus for your type

These resources are extremely helpful in putting you on the right path to a Metabolic Typing® lifestyle. Consultation sessions are also available with the Metabolic Typing® Program and the Comprehensive Metabolic Typing® Program that I offer on this website.


Advanced Metabolic Typing (R) Test: $50